Auction Announcement Notice – 2020/3

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (hereinafter referred to as MFGT) on this day announces an auction for booking available storage capacities for the storage year 2020/21. The capacity auction is carried out by MFGT in line with the Storage Capacity Auction Regulation II/B document as per Annex No. 1.

Auction Details:

Auction name



Auction Type

Minimum price

Registration deadline

30.04.2020 12:00


Partial delivery


Bid submission deadline

04.05.2020 14:00


Currency of the Bid





Maximum bid price

As per Tariff Decree, HUF/kWh

Bid period

01.04.2020 - 31.03.2021


Bid price unit of quantity


Content of one bundle



Minimum number of bid bundles




Working gas capacity

893 760



Maximum number of bid bundles




Injection capacity

6 720







Withdrawal capacity

12 768



The bid price does not include the volume fees

or the VAT.

Injection cycle

01.04.2020 - 31.09.2020


Withdrawal cycle

01.10.2020 - 31.03.2021



The Auction can be accessed via MFGT’s IT Platform, following an early registration (https://nom.mfgt.hu/SMCS.html).


At the capacity auction, bids can be made by only those capacity bidders that are eligible for storage access, and whose documents submitted during the registration process were accepted.

Documents required for registration:

  • Original certificate of incorporation not older than 30 days in case of business organisations registered in Hungary and abroad, and its translated copy in Hungarian or in English (certified translation is not required in case of companies registered in Hungary, the online version by the Hungarian Ministry of Justice is accepted –  http://www.e-cegjegyzek.hu/ ) in case of business organisations registered abroad.

  • The original copy of the power of attorney (Annex No. 5.3 of the MFGT Code of Business Conduct: Storage Capacity Auction Regulation II/B, Annex No. 1) authorizing the Attorney(s)-in-fact to act during the capacity auction process on behalf of the capacity bidding company, the Bidder. The power of attorney shall clearly indicate that the attorney-in-fact is entitled to represent the capacity bidder during the Submission of Bids.

  • In case of business organisations registered in Hungary: copy of the notarised specimen signature(s) or sample signature(s) countersigned by an attorney-at-law of the authorised signatory (signatories) signing the Power of Attorney.

  • In case of business organisations registered abroad: copy and translated English or Hungarian copy of the notarised specimen signature(s) (or sample signature(s) countersigned by an attorney-at-law) of the authorised signatory (signatories) signing the Power of Attorney; or the original copy and translated English or Hungarian copy of their sample signature signed in manuscript in the presence of two witnesses, and in the latter case: a Hungarian or English copy of the signed side of a personal document belonging to the signatory (by mail or e-mail).

  • Original copy of “Basic Data for IT Platform (SMCS) Registration”.

    Participation in the capacity auction shall be conditional on the full and complete submission of the documents required for registration as specified above for the acceptance of the registration by MFGT, which can take place by mail or by email, however, in the latter case, the original documents shall also be submitted prior to bidding, in the absence of which the registration is rendered invalid, and thus the bid cannot be evaluated. Participant is obliged to inform MFGT of any changes to the content of the documents subsequent to their submission.

Furthermore, in order to participate in the capacity auction, the listed documents shall be delivered until the registration deadline specified for this auction. Although registrations received after the deadline specified in the registration process may be accepted, they only qualify the capacity bidder to submit bids on subsequent auctions announced in storage year 2020/2021, as they shall be considered as void in terms of this auction.

MFGT reserves the right to request deficiency correction from the participant  – if any formal or substantive deficiency or other non-conformity (e.g.: delay) is detected during the specific review of the documents submitted –, and the participant may not have valid registration for the auction unless such deficiency correction is performed within the deadline – set forth by MFGT.

In case of a valid registration, MFGT confirms the fact of registration to the Bidder by e-mail.

During registration, MFGT shall be obliged to treat data submitted to the auction in a confidential manner and will not disclose them to any third party.

Final Provisions

Awarded bidders shall be notified by MFGT following the evaluation until 17:00 hours.

Following the auction, MFGT and the Bidder having submitted a valid and successful bid shall conclude the Natural Gas Storage Contract on the awarded natural gas storage capacities within 5 business days from the auction.

Auctioneer (MFGT) explicitly reserves the right to withdraw without explanation the open storage electronic capacity Auction announced as capacity auction No. 2020/1 until the announcement of its results.

In the event that the Auction is withdrawn, Auctioneer will not compensate for any damage or cost incurred by the bidders.

By participating in the auction, Bidders shall accept that due to existing storage bookings, MFGT will not provide Express Service for the storage year 2020/2021 with regard to the quantities awarded at this capacity auction.

Should you have any further questions or require information in relation to the auction, please consult the designated contact persons of MFGT: Hajnalka Horváth (Phone: +36 30-748-99-71, e-mail: horvathh@mfgt.hu and Dóra Tóth (Phone: +36-20-236 1972, e-mail: tothd@mfgt.hu), sales specialists.



  1. Storage Capacity Auction Regulation II/B

  2. Electronic Auction System Guide

  3. Basic Data for IT Platform (SMCS) Registration

  4. Contract Template

  5. Power of Attorney MFGT electronic capacity auctions


Budapest, 24th April 2020