We kindly inform our Customers that by its resolution No. H2497/2019, HEPURA approved our Code of Business Conduct effective as of 01 October 2019, which is accessible in English at  http://mfgt.hu/en/Ugyfelek/Szabalyozas-es-eljarasok/Uzletszabalyzat.

The key changes in our Code of Business Conduct are as follows:

Harmonisation of the Code of Business Conduct and the Grid Code effective as of 1 October 2019

  • The natural gas storage licensee may sell Injection and Withdrawal capacities as interruptible capacities even if firm storage capacities have not yet been fully sold;
  • Definition of the rules for the order of interruption;
  • Supplementing capacity booking, nomination and allocation rules in writing in line with our existing practice;
  • Updating the Grid Code references of the Code of Business Conduct.

Modifications resulting from the changes in business conditions

  • Interim provisions on customized services were definitively removed from the Code of Business Conduct - their description is available in the Fee List on the website: http://www.mfgt.hu/en/Ugyfelek/Szolgaltatasok-es-dijak;
  • Interruptible services are provided uniformly as customized services;
  • Updated ÁSZF section. Annexes on contractual relations were transferred into the ASZF annex: “5. Methods of Calculation for Settlement, Parameters”, “6. Terms of Contractual Guarantees”, “7. Procedure for Breach of Contract” annexes were transferred into the “4. General Terms of Contract Chapters”  annex;
  • Communication of changes concerning the ÁSZF’s materially different conditions to the System Users;
  • Specification of Force Majeure and cases when MFGT is exempt from the liability for damages;
  • Review and update of the text of contract templates (e.g.: updating the Public Customs Warehouse contract - removal of customized services description, customs clearance);
  • Specification of storage capacity transfer upon switching system users;
  • Updating the gas guarantee formula to kWh-based settlement;
  • E-invoicing becomes possible;
  • Public Customs Warehouse and portfolio services price correction;
  • Supplementing the payment terms for the storage capacity fee;
  • Amendment of the “GOVERNING LAW, SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES” section of contract templates

Legal changes

  • GDPR: integration of data processing provisions;
  • Removing the Supplement (organisational chart, list of applicable legislation and advocacy groups) pursuant to Gov. Decree No. 80/2019. (IV. 15.).


Thank you for your cooperation in updating the Code of Business Conduct.