Offer Announcement on Using Discount Price Storage Services (“Express Services”) for Storage Year 2018/2019


Conditions of Use:


Any system user that is exclusively subject to Act No. XL of 2008 on natural gas supply (Gas Act) and the related Government Decree No. 19/2009 (I.30.) on the implementation of Act No. XL. of 2008 on natural gas supply (Implementation Decree), and has a storage capacity booking (including: injection capacity – working gas capacity – withdrawal capacity, hereinafter Capacity Booking) on the day of this announcement or during the storage year 2018/2019, shall be entitled for each 1 000 000 kWh booking, upon the payment of the budget limit fee and up to the budget limit to use the services specified in the “Express Services” to be used against the Budget Limit, with fees chapter, in the period between 01 April 2018 and 31 March 2019.


Determining the Budget Limit:

Method for calculating one “Budget Limit” unit generated by 1 000 000 kWh capacity booking:

0.0844 HUF/kWh*1 000 000 kWh.

Fee for one “Budget Limit” unit: for each 1 000 000 kWh capacity booking: HUF 84 400 + VAT

System Users having a Capacity Booking according to the above are entitled to declare until the end of the 21st day following either this announcement or a later Capacity Booking, whether they intend to use/pay the full budget limit calculated as specified above.

System Users are not entitled to use/pay part of the budget limit.

The budget limit of the service bundle can be raised on 2 occasions during storage year 2018/2019, in the range of 0-50% in each case, that is up to the double of the budget limit above specified.


Payment schedule

The budget limit fee must be paid in advance and in one instalment.

Upon the conclusion of the “Express Service Bundle” contract, MFGT issues a periodic settlement invoice for the period until the end of the storage cycle. The conclusion of the contract is subject to the condition that the invoiced amount is paid in full.

Throughout the duration of the contract, MFGT issues accounting documents on the actual monthly service use, thus specifying the already spent and the still available budget limit.

In case of increasing the said Budget Limit – following a contract amendment –, a new periodic settlement invoice is issued for the period until the end of the storage cycle. The conclusion of the contract amendment is subject to the condition that the amount invoiced in relation to the increase is paid in full and in one instalment.

In case of using Daily Peak Plus and Storage Plus services, the consideration for such services shall be deducted from the System User’s Budget Limit until it is spent in full.

“Take or pay” (TOP) Obligation


In relation to the budget limit of the “Express Service” bundle, System User has a 50% “Take or Pay” (TOP) obligation on the last day of storage year 2018/2019. By the end of storage year 2018/2019, any amount remaining from the Budget Limit shall be settled as “Take or Pay” (TOP) obligation, therefore the unspent part of the 50% cannot be shifted to storage year 2019/2020, and will no longer be refunded by MFGT.


Maximum 50% of the fee paid as budget limit, that is the relating Budget Limit can be transferred (shifted) to storage year 2019/2020, and spent on using the services then required at the then applicable prices (e.g.: set off against monthly capacity fees).

At the end of the storage year 2019/2020, the amount remaining from the Budget Limit shift shall be settled as a “Take or Pay” (TOP) obligation, which cannot be shifted to further storage years and will no longer be refunded by MFGT.

MFGT will not commit itself to offer Express Services for storage year 2019/2020.

Any other conditions relating to Express Services are contained in the template contract.

“Express Services” to be used against the Budget Limit, with fees:


Serial No.



Effect on Budget Limit

Price (HUF/kWh)


“Only Working Gas” Capacity Booking

Booking is possible up to 85% of the budget limit. Working gas capacity thus booked can be filled or withdrawn by using the withdrawal and injection capacities provided for in the System User’s other contracts, and in the event that MFGT offers Daily Peak Plus capacity for booking on its website, conditions set out in item 4 of this chart shall apply, or if the System User has no available Budget Limit, at the Daily Peak Plus list price.




Budget Limit Shift

Budget limit that can be shifted to the subsequent storage year, but can be spent only on non-”Express” services.

Maximum 50% of the budget limit can be shifted



Capacity Shift (capacity profiling)

Within the storage year, System User may modify (increase or decrease) the extent (kWh/day) of their daily injection and withdrawal capacities by not more than 10% broken down into maximum three periods per cycle so that at the end of the relevant storage cycle, the average of the modified capacities per cycle shall be equal to the daily capacity originally booked and affected by the contract. (For the feasibility of representation in the IT system, Parties accept that the value of the total quantity to be injected/withdrawn may be modified within the range of +/- 10 kWh due to the shift.)


The three periods of preference and the extent of modification shall be specified and recorded until 06:00 hours on 1 April 2018. Following the service is requested, MFGT checks and then confirms the acceptance of the request.


In as far as System User fails to submit their request until the above specified date, MFGT cannot provide this service.


The service can be used only as part of the Discount Price Storage Services (“Express Services”) bundle.

No reduction



Injection and Withdrawal Capacity Increase

Up to the value of the Budget Limit, Daily Peak Plus firm injection and withdrawal peak capacity service can be used at an 88% fee discount. System User may use discount price injection and withdrawal peak capacities up to 500% of its firm capacities available for the relevant gas day.




Backhaul Storage

Up to the value of the Budget Limit, Storage Plus service - facilitating backhaul storage activities in a direction opposite to the injection/withdrawal cycle - can be used at a 88% fee discount.




Gas Loan Service

In the event that MFGT offers Gas Loan Service, which the System User uses, the fees of the Gas Loan Service (One-Off Availability Fee, Loan Fee and Administrative Fee) can be paid from the budget limit.


The price of the gas loan service contract shall apply.


The detailed specification of Daily Peak Plus and Storage Plus services and the conditions of use are contained in MFGT’s Code of Business Conduct and Fee List.


Code of Business Conduct:



Fee List:



Annex 1: Expressz contract 2018_2019