Offer Announcement on Extra Flexibility Service for the Period of March 2017

In order to ensure smooth preparation for the gas year 2017/2018, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (MFGT) offers an extra flexibility service from 11th of March 2017 to 31th of March 2017.


To ensure extra flexibility, MFGT physically facilitates injection in the said period, insofar as the minimum injection demand specified in MFGT’s Code of Business Conduct allows so.
Conditions of Use:
System User has a natural gas storage contract concluded with MFGT for storage year 2016/2017, with a daily injection and withdrawal capacity specified in the contract.
Process of Use:
1.      Subject to its contract, System User specifies in writing, by email, a fixed amount of daily withdrawal capacity (kWh/day, valid for the relevant period), which it renounces until the end of the gas day 31 March 2017.
2.      Using the following formula, MFGT determines the extra flexibility service/injection capacity (kWh/day), which the System User can use by paying an injection volume fee, free from any other additional fees, until the end of the gas day 31 March 2017. The fee of other services used during injection shall be paid pursuant to the Code of Business Conduct.
 ERSZ = NKK x injection capacity as per contract (kWh/day) / withdrawal capacity as per contract (kWh/day)
ERSZ: shall mean the extra flexibility service/injection capacity (kWh/day)
NKK: shall mean the daily withdrawal capacity (kWh/day), specified and renounced by the System User
3.      MFGT informs the System User in writing, by email, with regard to the result of the above calculation and to the effect whether such demand facilitates the start of physical injection. Following acceptance by the System User, Parties amend their contract.
Duration of Use:
System User can use the extra flexibility service from the start of the gas day following the said contract amendment until the end of the gas day 31 March 2017.
Other condition:
Where the System User does not have a long term contract with MFGT for the storage year 2017/2018, System User shall withdraw the injected natural gas upon the expiry of the contractual period even if using the above service. Failing this, unless System User books a working gas capacity required at least until beginning of the gas day 1st of April, 2017 for the storage of the remaining gas under conditions identical to the terms of the natural gas storage capacity booking contract on annual seasonal basic service, the natural gas storage licensee shall be entitled to act in line with Section 39 of HEPURA Decree No. 11/2016 (XI.14.), that is to sell the amount of gas remaining in storage, using a transparent settlement method. Revenues remaining from the proceeds of such sale after the deduction of the costs of sale shall be paid by the natural gas storage licensee to the System User.
System Users intending to use the above specified extra flexibility service must notify MFGT of their demand at the following contact details: Hajnalka Horváth horvathh@mfgt.hu (+36 30 748 9971), Márton Csaba, csabam@mfgt.hu (+36 30 268 9349); Balázs Meggyes, meggyesb@mfgt.hu (+36 30 718 9343).
Budapest, 7 March 2017