Annual capacity announcement 2016-2017

Storage capacity offer of Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd for the storage year 2016-2017, available capacities from 1st April 2016


We kindly inform you that pursuant to Act No. XL of 2008 on Natural Gas Supply (hereinafter Gas Act), and pursuant to Government Decree No. 19/2009 (I.30.) on the implementation of this act (hereinafter Gas Act Implementation Decree) and in accordance with Section 8.11 of the Operational and Trading Code (hereinafter Grid Code), Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (hereinafter referred to as MFGT) has published on its website ( and IT Platform (hereinafter IT Platform) its free injection, withdrawal and working gas capacities available to book as of 1st April 2016 for one or more full storage years - not exceeding 10 years - with regard to the unified natural gas storage according to the following:
Available working gas capacity
44 837 965 100 kWh
Available injection capacity
328 601 237 kWh/day
Available withdrawal capacity
556 685 440 kWh/day
Injection load change speeds:
Injection load change speed:  110 000 m3/hour/hour
Withdrawal load change speed: 185 000 m3/hour/hour
The above mentioned capacities are offered separately, not in a bundle.
Storage fees are calculated pursuant to HEPURA decree No. 1/2013 (VII.11).
Please note that the offered capacities are available under technical conditions specified by the Grid Code and by Annex No. 1 of the MFGT Code of Business Conduct.
Please visit our website for further information on the changes and breakdowns of the available injection and withdrawal capacities. MFGT provides continuously updated information.
In this respect, please note the particular importance of two pieces of technical information in capacity booking:
-     injection and withdrawal requests can only be performed on any given gas day if the quantity of System Users’ requests reaches or exceeds the technological minimum amounts for injection or withdrawal,

      -    injection and withdrawal capacities vary according to the prevailing storage load level.

Booking requests for the offered capacities must be submitted to MFGT by not later than 7th March 2016.
The content requirements of these requests are specified by Clause of the Grid Code and by Section III.1.1 of the MFGT Code of Business Conduct.
Capacity requests for the storage year 2016/2017 must be submitted in totals. Ratios for Universal Service Provision (USP) are determined as of 1st April 2015 until 30th April 2016 by applying the USP ratio set out in HEPURA Resolution No. 4323/2015.
As of 1st May 2016, USP ratios will be determined in accordance with the new HEPURA resolution – issued in this subject – pursuant to Section 4, Subsection (1) of the Tariff Decree.
Capacity booking requests will be received by MFGT continuously, the deadline for submitting requests shall be the first Monday of March.
Similarly to last year, the MFGT IT Platform will be used for the capacity booking process, including the announcement of the offered storage capacities, and the submission of capacities and documents required for booking by the bidders. Should you have any questions regarding capacity booking on the IT Platform, please do not hesitate to contact us. If so required, we shall organize a tutorial session for you.
MFGT will allocate the available capacities to the bidders pursuant to the relating stipulations of Section and of the Grid Code.
Should you have any questions, please contact:
Krisztián Deme - Sales, Marketing, Regulation Manager
phone: +36 30 663 0124
fax: +36 1 354 7045
Hajnalka Horváth
phone: +36 30 748 9971
fax: +36 1 354 7045
Balázs Gyula Meggyes
tel: +36 20 718 9343
fax: +36 1 354 7045