MFGT Interruptible Forwardhaul Injection Capacity Service Offer

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd (MFGT) issues today a call for tenders for booking interruptible injection capacities for the period from 06:00 on 1 April 2019 until 06:00 on 1 October 2019 of the storage year 2019/2020.

MFGT considers this capacities offer as a one-time offer and does not guarantee that capacities will also be offered under the same terms and conditions in the future.

Quantity, period and price of the interruptible injection capacities offered:

System Users are eligible to use the Interruptible Forwardhaul Injection Capacity Service (Service) only if they have firm injection capacity in the period for which the Service is announced.


The Service allows the System User to use interruptible injection capacities up to an amount equal to the firm injection capacity specified in the System User’s contract(s).


Start of the Bid Period:         7 May 2019, 06:00.


End of the Bid Period:           1 October 2019, 06:00.


Service fee:                             0.0176 HUF/kWh (as per the applicable Fee List).


The Service fee shall be paid in case of using the Interruptible Forwardhaul Injection Capacity Service, on the basis of the actual quantities so injected (kWh/day).


Evaluation, interruption of interruptible capacity requests:


Interruptible injection capacities may be fulfilled only if all the firm injection capacities have been sold.


MFGT shall accept the System Users’ interruptible injection capacity booking requests on a first-come, first-served basis.


In case of interruption, MFGT will interrupt the simultaneously used interruptible injection capacities of the Service based on the nominations submitted, applying the pro rata principle.


MFGT reserves the right to revoke this Offer announcement notice without justification.


The Product Description (Annex No. 1) and the Contract Template (Annex No. 2) shall form an inseparable part of this Offer announcement.


Should you have any questions, please contact our colleagues:


horvathh@mfgt.hu (00 36 30 748 9971), meggyesb@mfgt.hu (00 36 30 718 9343)



Budapest, 6 May 2019





Annex No. 1: Product Description


Annex No. 2: “Interruptible Forwardhaul Injection Capacity Service Offer” contract template


Annex No. 3: SMCS Users’ Manual for interruptible injection capacity service